March 27: Shakespeare's Contemporaries with Allison Benko


March 27: Shakespeare's Contemporaries with Allison Benko

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“Out, damn'd spot?" Too melodramatic. “What light through yonder window breaks?" Too cliché. Something from Hamlet? The epitome of pretension.

We all love Shakespeare, but the limited nature of Shakespeare's repertory can make it challenging to find a suitable audition monologue. The best speeches are overdone, and the mediocre speeches are, well, still overdone. Since women account for fewer than 16% of Shakespeare's characters, this problem is approximately eight times more pronounced for female identifying actors. Overwhelmed by the underwhelming number of options?

Beaumont, Middleton, Fletcher, Marlowe, Jonson, Kyd -- the list of Shakespeare's contemporaries goes on. Utilizing her extensive knowledge of Elizabethan theatre, Allison will curate classical, non-Shakespearean monologue specifically tailored to your goals. So whether you're searching for a powerful new audition monologue, or simply seeking a new acting challenge, this workshop is sure to actualize your classical potential.

This workshop will take place on Wednesday, March 27th 6:30-10:00pm.

Limited space available.

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Allison Benko is a director, playwright, and teaching artist based in Brooklyn. Recent directing work includes the world premiere of the musical Single Rider (Players Theatre), the world premiere of the play What Happened That Night (Project Y), the world premiere of The End of Mermaids (Corkscrew Theatre Festival), and a lauded production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night featuring a live string band (No-Name Collective). Benko has worked extensively as an assistant director, most notably on Lincoln Center's multi-Tony Award winning production of Oslo, and on Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise, which will be part of The Shed's inaugural season. Benko is also deeply interested in South Asian shadow puppetry, and is a former guest artist at the Tholpavakoothu Puppet Centre in Kerala. She holds a B.A. in Drama from Tufts University, and she is an alumna of the Lincoln Center Directors' Lab. Upcoming work as teaching artist includes teaching playwrighting at multiple high schools in Vermont through Weston Playhouse Theatre Company's "Young Playwrights Project." Current projects include A Doll’s House: A New Opera at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019. Learn more at