April 13: Building Ensemble with Michael Fleischer

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April 13: Building Ensemble with Michael Fleischer


Too often rehearsal rooms are stressful, claustrophobic voids where fun goes to die. It’s easy to let product outweigh process, both as a director and as an actor, and to forget that in the rehearsal room, we are putting on a play; that we should be playing.

Over the course of many years, and many shows, Michael Fleischer has made every process a playground where actors can get sweaty, laugh, and let loose. In that playground, some of the greatest creative-discoveries happen. To build ensemble. To build a common language. It doesn’t require weeks. It just requires focus and a willingness to look like an idiot.

In this workshop, Michael will facilitate and explain some of his favorite games and methods for building an ensemble; ways to empower your actors, or yourselves, in every rehearsal room. This workshop is geared towards anyone interested in letting loose, laughing hard, getting sweaty, and building connections.

This workshop will take place on Saturday, April 13th 11am - 3pm

Limited Space Available.

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Michael Fleischer is a NYC-based director whose most recent credits include: Hamlet (The Fools & Kings Project), In Between the Hours (The NOW Collective), The Roaring Girl (Theatre Row), Bull (The Barrow Group), PIGS (TinyRhino Festival), and Titus Andronicus (Lovers & Madmen). Michael is a proud alumnus of Northwestern University, The Barrow Group’s One-Year Directing Program, and BADA. Upcoming productions: Will (Hudson Guild Winterfest), Coffee Love (Vulcan Theater Company), and Coriolanus (CAGE Theater Company)