No Name Collective presented Shakespeare’s classic The Tempest as their 2019 summer production. Co-Directed by Tessa Barlow-Ochshorn and Allison Houser, this production opened August 1st at the Gallery Space at Access Theatre.  

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This fast-paced, ensemble driven production of The Tempest is a physically focused exploration of what it means to be in between one’s nightmare, and one’s greatest desire. Set on an island strewn with cultural touchstones and nostalgia, the play will investigate each character’s internal tempest. How do we build a satisfying life? How do we communicate after isolation? How can we forgive? Using music, movement, and joyful interpretation of text, this Tempest seeks to explore these questions and more. 


I am a fool
To weep at what I am glad of.

Miranda: Wherefore weep you?

At mine unworthiness that dare not offer
What I desire to give,

Both: and much less take

Miranda: What I shall die to want. But this is trifling

-Act III, Scene I 

The cast featured Rashidah Bernay-Folwer (Alonso), Maya Carter (Miranda), Danny Crawford (Antonio), Anthony Gabriele (Trinculo), Marisa Gold (Sebastian), Ellie Gossage (Stephano), Maggie Hood (Ariel), Annaliese Kirby (Prospero), Jake Lasser (Caliban), Rita McCann (Gonzalo), and Andrew Oppmann (Ferdinand).

The creative team included original music composition and sound design by Jeffrey Leiser, graphic design by Nicasio Andrade, costume design by Madeline Wall, lighting design by Kenzie Carpenter. Erin Yoshiko Page was stage manager. The Tempest was produced by Maggie Hood and Annaliese Kirby with Alexandra Gomez as associate producer.

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